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Garage door alert kit

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You are an Insteon fan? Wish Insteon would alert you when your garage door has been left open for too long?

Introducing our garage door alert kit, designed for Insteon and installed in 2 minutes !

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The Insteon Hub has the ability to send instant alerts if the garage door is opened or closed. However, there is no alert to let you know if you left your garage door open for an extended period of time. The Domotinc Customs – Garage Door Alert Kit is designed to alert you if your garage door has been left open by getting the “open” signal from your current Insteon I/O Linc Garage Door Control and Status Kit, then wait a configurable amount of time (from 5 minutes to 75 minutes, in 5 minutes increments) and send that same “open” signal to a second Insteon 2450, which will then alert you through the Insteon app. This makes it a very simple and transparent integration with your Insteon setup.

Weight : 

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Power: Draw power from both Insteon I/O line 2450. 5 volts, less than 10 ma.

Configuration alarm delay: From 5 minutes to 75 minutes, in 5 minutes increments. All dip switches off = 30 secondes (test/demo mode)

For more information on how to install the garage door unit, please read the PDF file in the manual section.

All the information you need to install the device easily and quickly.

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For more information on how our device works : 

And make your life easier